FAST CARE Technology

Leading you to better results

FAST CARE Technology


FAST – our Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies – make time-consuming and complex procedures faster as well as far more intuitive. Your scans will also be more reproducible and less prone to errors.

One of the main applications is FAST Planning, it assists you in preparing the scan.

  • Immediate, organ-based setting of scan and recon ranges with no manual adjustment
  • Better clinical results thanks to increased reproducibility
  • Safer, faster, and more standardized workflow at the scanner


FAST Cardio Wizard

The FAST Cardio Wizard supports you in preparing complex cardiac examinations on-screen.

  • Step-by-step guide to cardiac scanning for higher reliability and reproducibility in cardiac CT
  • Defined quality standards that deliver optimal cardiac image quality even for less experienced users
  • Avoids “paperwork” at the scanner

FAST Scan Assistant

During scanning, FAST Scan Assistant helps you in finding the right parameter settings for scan time, pitch, and max mAS.

  • Easy scan parameter adjustment
  • Better image quality through optimized scan settings
  • Undo function to return to previous settings

FAST Adjust

With FAST Adjust, you have the option of adjusting scan parameters during scanning.

  • Intuitive scan parameter adjustment at the push of a button
  • Optimized scan settings lead to improved image quality
  • Optimized utilization of scanner capacities

FAST Spine

FAST Spine helps you prepare the most cumbersome reconstructions – anatomically aligned spine reconstructions.

  • Accurate reconstructions preparation with a single click
  • Direct detection and labeling
  • Saves up to 30 minutes of manual preparation for a complete spine reconstruction