Advancing CT practice in Preventive Care, Freezing Motion, and Decision Making

Detector 2 x Stellar Infinity detector with honeycomb collimator
Number of acquired slices 384 (2 x 192)
Rotation time up to 0.25 s
Temporal resolution 66 ms
Generator power 240 kW (2 x 120 kW)
kV settings 70-150 kV, in steps of 10
Spatial resolution 0.24 mm
Max. scan speed 737 mm/s1 with Turbo Flash
Table load up to 307 kg / 676 lbs1
Gantry opening 78 cm

Powerful new Vectron tube

The SOMATOM Force delivers up to 2 x 1,300 mA, utilizing power reserves from two 120 kW generators, and direct anode cooling from the Vectron X-ray tube: offering voltages from 70 - 150 kV in steps of 10 kV, automatically selected through CARE kV, based on patient body habitus and examination type.
This unique combination allows for more patients – even obese cases – to be scanned at low kV from 70 to 90 kV. Completely redesigned Selective Photon Shields facilitate the filtration of X-ray spectra at considerably higher levels than ever before. In addition, the flying focal spot approach of z-Sharp was entirely reworked for the Vectron tube. The electron beam is now accurately and rapidly deflected, creating two focal spots alternating at 4,480/s, and thus significantly increasing in-plane resolution. In combination with a focal point as small as 0.4 x 0.5mm, the Vectron tube delivers outstanding spatial resolution of up to 0.22 lp/cm (equivalent to 24 mm) in clinical routine – without increases in dose.

Improved Selective Photon Shields

Combining the low kV capabilities of the Vectron tube with the higher X-ray filtration of the two new Selective Photon Shields improves the CNR of air-to-soft-tissue contrast. The potential dose reduction of up to 50% in lung and colon exams establishes a new standard in the examination of high-risk, asymptomatic patients. The outstanding power reserves of the SOMATOM Force now allow maintained CNR at low kV levels in adults and obese patients. This means maintaining contrast concentration while reducing radiation dose – and vice versa. Having pioneered low kV scanning with the introduction of 80 kV and then 70 kV imaging, Siemens now keeps pushing the boundaries of Computed Tomography.

Next generation Dual Source CT gantry

The unique Dual Source gantry and high-pitch table of the SOMATOM Force introduce CT imaging at unprecedented acquisition speed and temporal resolution. Its unmatched rotation speed of 0.25 s, in combination with a 50% increase in detector coverage, and ultra-high pitch scanning, facilitates an unseen temporal resolution of 66 ms and an acquisition speed of up to 730 mm / s. For the first time, CT scans can be performed with a full field of view of 50 cm, at a scan speed of close to 40 cm / s. This unique scan mode – the Turbo Flash spiral – brings the benefits of Flash scanning to a broader range of patients than ever before, making it the fastest, most versatile scan mode in the industry.

The industry’s highest acquisition speed

The SOMATOM Force’s fastest rotation speed is 4 rotations per second or 0.25 seconds per rotation, which equals a temporal resolution of 66 ms in cardiac imaging – independent of the heart rate. The extended coverage of the SOMATOM Force means an entire heart can be covered in approximately 150 ms: faster than a heartbeat. Additionally, high temporal resolution is provided in the entire image. As the data is natively measured, no artificial enhancement of the temporal resolution is needed.

With a volume coverage speed of up to 737 mm/s, a thorax-abdomen scan can now be performed in just one second. The capabilities of the gantry and the table are not the only important factors – when scanning at ultra-high pitch, the available power is essential. In obese imaging and fast volume coverage, maximum power is required to deliver sufficient photon flux for each slice. The SOMATOM Force delivers 2x 120 kW generator power, making it the ideal scanner for high-speed, large volume coverage.

New StellarInfinity detector

Many institutions have introduced 4D imaging examinations of the brain as standard care for stroke patients. But when it comes to body perfusion, users are still reluctant to apply it to clinical routine as it is still considered a high dose examination. With the new StellarInfinity detectors of the SOMATOM Force, Siemens renders body perfusion suitable for everyday use. The increased coverage of 2x 96 rows (2x 192 slices) allows for a perfusion range of up to 22 cm, thus easily covering entire organs. The key to this breakthrough is the new Adaptive Dose Shield that allows up to 50% dose reduction in 4D imaging. Utilizing the higher resolution of the StellarInfinity detectors from 25% more detector channels and 2D scatter grid are the key enablers for dose reductions of up to 50% – at outstanding spatial resolution and image quality.

New Adaptive Dose Shields

The quality of DE exams relies on the effective separation of energy spectra. The SOMATOM Force utilizes multiple pairings: the “standard" 80/140 kV, but also new 80, 90, and 100/150 kV modes with Sn (tin) filtration using the SPS II, e.g for obese patients. Up to 30% better energy separation means similar tissues can be differentiated precisely, leading to increased sensitivity and specificity in DE: with energy pairings and the new Selective Photon Shield II, the SOMATOM Force significantly increases precision and clinical impact. The renowned Adaptive Dose Shield was improved to meet the requirements of the SOMATOM Force by facilitating faster collimator blade movement. The key innovation for this was faster data transmission through Siemens' unique SiDaNet ultrafast databus system. With its faster blade movement, the Adaptive Dose Shield fully completes the Adaptive 4D Spiral Plus in perfusion imaging.

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