Advancing CT practice in Preventive Care, Freezing Motion, and Decision Making


Two steps ahead in Preventive Care: Lower kV, higher protection

Step 1: Kidney-friendly scanning

Up to 20% of patients presented to the radiology department suffer from renal insufficiency. The SOMATOM Force enables radiologists to routinely perform exams at 70-90 kV, even in adults, substantially reducing the amount of CM needed and thus optimizing the entire clinical procedure. No preparation or medication prior to CT, no after-care and immediate referral to minimal invasive therapy if needed: significant improvement in the clinical results, as well as considerable savings for hospitals.

Step 2: Low dose early detection

The SOMATOM Force allows for a dose reduction of up to 50% less than today's leading CT systems. In combination with its outstanding spatial resolution, unprecedented soft-tissue contrast and unmatched speed, this can help improve the early detection of occult lesions, e.g. in the lung or the colon.

Two steps ahead in Freezing Motion: Less complications, more patients

Step 1: “Free-breathing“ CT imaging

Avoiding movement reduces motion artifacts and thus enhances image quality. But a significant number of patients simply cannot hold their breath: obese or elderly patients, unconscious or uncooperative cases, or small children were either excluded completely, had to be sedated, or were scanned with results unusable for diagnosis. Providing the industry's highest native temporal resolution of 66 ms at 0.25 s rotation, the SOMATOM Force helps to minimize motion artifacts even in these challenging cases.

Step 2: Fastest, most versatile scanning

Increasing scan speed to unmatched 737 mm/s, and providing a field of view of up to 50 cm at Flash speed coverage, the Turbo Flash mode expands the Flash Spiral capabilities. Bringing the benefits of Flash to obese and acute care patients, and potentially reducing the number of protocols and associated preparation time, the SOMATOM Force is the scanner of choice for regular operation, on call, night shift or emergency settings.

Two steps ahead in Decision Making: Precise results, accurate diagnoses

Step 1: 4D imaging at half the dose

Despite the clear benefits of dynamic evaluations, the applied dose has been the crucial threshold to broaden its application, especially to body perfusion. The SOMATOM Force significantly lowers this hurdle by not only extending the coverage to 22 cm for perfusion (and even 80 cm for CTAs), but particularly by reducing the applied dose by up to 50% compared to today's leading CT systems. Perfusion studies of the liver, for example, now become possible at a dose comparable to conventional multiphase examinations.

Step 2: Precise Dual Energy quantification

The SOMATOM Force drastically increases sensitivity and specificity in Dual Source DE scanning, by allowing an up to 30% higher energy separation. Next to this, the improved DE acquisition speed of up to 258 mm/s, and a much broader range of applications for obese patients allow for a more precise differentiation of tissue types in oncology, cardio-vascular and acute care cases.

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