Innovation Think TankProactively drive innovation to improve human life

Prof. Sultan Haider, Founder and Global head of ITT

Innovation Think Tank (ITT) is a part of the Chief Technology Office of Siemens Healthineers. Driven by the need of interdisciplinary and self-sustaining infrastructures which are accessible for the entire departments, ITT was established in 2005. The global ITT infrastructure includes multiple innovation labs across Germany, China, India, Turkey, the United States, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom, addressing projects from 23 Siemens locations. The program success and recognition led to the establishment of ITT locations at prestigious healthcare institutions and universities.

ITT was founded and is headed globally by Prof. Sultan Haider, who is a Principal Key Expert at Siemens Healthineers (SHS), a title awarded to him by SHS Managing Board in the year 2008 for his outstanding innovation track record which includes the establishment of 32 innovation activity locations and over 500 inventions and patents filed. Furthermore, Prof. Haider has been awarded honorary directorships, professorships and has developed innovation infrastructures and implemented innovation management certification programs for top institutions.

  • 32 ITT activity locations established (ITT Labs/ ITT Certification Programs)
  • 86 ITT certification programs conducted worldwide
  • 2500 + R&D and strategy projects experience
  • Filed more than 1,500 inventions and patents
  • 200 ITT Fellowships offered annually. Engaged with over 2500 researchers, professors and students from over 150 universities in 38 countries
  • 900 + hospital visits conducted for various healthcare requirement engineering projects


Proactively drive innovation to improve human life


Utilizing global self-sustaining innovation infrastructures to accelerate identifying and implementing new business opportunities

It has been developed by Prof. Sultan Haider with unique experience of executing innovation programs and infrastructure worldwide. The approach is adaptable to changing business and research environments. The ITT approach includes the following as essentials for accelerating innovation life cycles:

  • Problem identification in an observation
  • Root cause analysis
  • Identifying interdependencies
  • Stakeholders engagement
  • Big picture creation
  • Conception via trans-disciplinary expertise
  • Decision proposition creation
  • Implementation cycles optimization

The ITT approach has been used in its various labs and programs for project implementations accelerating innovation cycles and bringing significant cost savings. Over 250 product definition, R&D and open innovation projects are worked on annually in ITT’s global infrastructure.
Each year, the program offers 150 Innovation Think Tank Fellowships and learning programs to over 250 participants via its ITT Certification program worldwide. The program outcomes are further enriching the ITT approach and knowhow. 

Certificate Program

On invitation from hospital groups and universities, ITT implements “Innovation Think Tank Certification Program” at their campus where participants (hospital management, doctors, medical staff, researches, students etc.) would be given training on “Experiential Innovation Learning” by Prof. Sultan Haider and ITT Team. The teams would work for 2-5 days (including training period) on the local institutional challenges and solution propositions. The winners receive a certification and, if selected, they are invited to the annual exhibition of ITT (eITT) in Erlangen, Germany. Based on the availability of a position the participants can also be given the opportunity of ITT fellowship programs globally.

Program Overview:

  • Module 1: Innovation management through experiential learning, team building and task assignment
  • Module 2: Team work for concept development, individual feedback sessions with Prof. Haider, visit to hospitals for analyzing the challenges and root causes
  • Module 3: Review and fine tuning of results, prototyping and preparation for the final exhibition elevator pitch
  • Module 4: Outcome exhibition with healthcare system stakeholders


  • Experiential learning on innovation methodologies implementation
  • Inter-disciplinary team work on real life problems
  • Business development and operational efficiency improvement proposals
  • Branding of institution
  • Exchange and learnings form other ITT programs

For establishing an ITT certification program
Eligibility: Healthcare institutions / universities with a strategy and need of developing innovation ecosystems and innovation culture to identify and address institutional challenges by training of the stakeholders.
Send an email to:

For participating in upcoming programs
Eligibility: Students and researchers from all disciplines can apply to most of the programs published via our websites, host institutions and social media.
Send your CV along with a cover letter mentioning one or two example projects where you have worked to improve human life to:

Innovation Think Tank Lab

Top universities and hospitals around the world have invited ITT to be part of their institutions in different roles and are hosting the ITT labs and infrastructures for the faculty, researchers and students. Based on the years of success and driving innovation, key healthcare institutions are using ITT to address the local innovation challenges.

Benefits of ITT Labs:

  • Create own innovation infrastructure to address local challenges
  • Foster innovation culture at the institutions
  • Enhance institutional branding
  • Learn and implement best practices of innovation from other ITT locations
  • Employee attractiveness by offering innovation and skill development programs
  • Create publications, white papers and IP
  • Write government grants and funding applications

Application procedure
Eligibility: Healthcare institutions with long term strategy and need of developing an own innovation infrastructure, ecosystems and culture to identify and address institutional challenges. Send an email to us.


The Innovation Think Tank exhibitions focuses on open innovation, cocreation and disruptive innovations in the area of healthcare. Best practices at our various ITT locations and collaborations along with applicants from other institutions, start-ups and industries are presented. The top five teams are recognized based on an evaluation by the guest jury including senior management of Siemens Healthineers and representatives from hospitals, universities and venture capital groups.

Co-creation Workshops

The co-creation workshops are designed to address various healthcare system challenges e.g. for creating the future of healthcare scenarios or identifying operational improvement potentials and creating solution proposals for the host institutions by engaging different healthcare system stakeholders.
If interested, contact us via an email.


Who are we looking for?
We are looking for talented individuals from a wide array of disciplines like engineering, design, business and the medical field who are looking to innovate. We can also offer a position as a working student or for writing a bachelor or master thesis or Ph.D. thesis.

What will be your tasks at ITT?
By working with Innovation Think Tank you will have a chance to interact with a global team every day and gain hands on experience to a wide variety of healthcare related projects starting day one of your internship!