Insights series – issue 1: Five steps every hospital CEO should start today

A white paper on how to ‘”Reduce unwarranted variations” with Brent James, MD, MPH

Jan 15, 2019

Hospital executives hold the key to unlocking the value of reducing unwarranted variations. They are an indispensable part of the communities they serve, so it is imperative that hospital executives continue the hard work of cutting waste while improving quality.

In this white paper, Brent James states that 25% of hospital costs are waste from unwarranted variations. How can hospital executives eliminate those variations?

This guide is specifically designed for hospital executives and introduces the required leadership paradigms for reducing unwarranted variations. It suggests a novel five-step approach, and key executive actions required for making the reduction of unwarranted variations a sustainable positive change in their organizations.

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Key takeaways:

  • The concept of unwarranted variations remains one of the biggest opportunities to improve outcomes while reducing waste – creating savings that can be reinvested into the hospital.
  • Four key sources of unwarranted variations have been identified: craft of medicine, complexity of medicine, diagnosis variations and reduced transparency.
  • The role of the CEOs is inevitable and critical; they have a key, unique role to play in achieving the high value of reducing unwarranted variations.
  • A five-step approach leads to sustainable change.

About Brent James

Brent James, MD, MPH, is world renowned for his influence on and work to improve the quality of patient care while reducing the cost of treatment. He is a member of the United States-based National Academy of Medicine. Besides that, he holds faculty appointments at the Stanford University School of Medicine, the University of Utah Eccles School of Business, the T.H. Chan Harvard School of Public Health, and the University of Utah School of Medicine.

About the Insights series

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