Atellica HEMA 570 and 580 Analyzers

Two new high-volume hematology analyzers

Photo of Atellica Hema 570, 580 Analyzers

Atellica HEMA 570 Analyzer and Atellica HEMA 580 Analyzer with slidemaker stainer

The Atellica® HEMA 570 and 580 Analyzers* are designed to meet the hematology testing needs of today’s high-volume labs. Sharing fast throughput and an identical footprint, both instruments are intended to pair with advanced informatics and automation solutions to suit diverse workflow requirements and drive efficiencies across labs and networks. Each delivers a range of analytical capabilities, including an 8-part white blood cell differential, with the Atellica HEMA 580 Analyzer offering an expanded menu complete with optical platelet and reticulocyte testing.

Features & Benefits

Automation, intelligence, and extended parameters—seamlessly integrated to streamline testing

The Atellica HEMA 570 and 580 Analyzers are fully automated, high-volume hematology analyzers. They provide:

Adaptive scalable solutions icon

Adaptive, scalable solutions

Flexible automation connectivity is expected to support both dedicated hematology and multidisciplinary integration. 

Data driven performance icon

Data-driven performance

Full integration with Atellica Diagnostics IT aims to standardize and optimize result, process, and inventory management at the lab or network level.** 

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Extended parameters

Flow cytometry integrates optical methodologies to measure up to 55 CBC, differential, and reticulocyte parameters.††

    Technical Specifications

    Learn more about key specifications and differences between the Atellica HEMA 570 and 580 Analyzers.