Screenshot of graph: dose monitoring over time

teamplay DoseSimplify your radiation dose management

Following nationally defined reference levels for applied radiation is mandatory. How does your radiology department prove its compliance?

As a healthcare professional you are obligated to keep exposure to ionizing radiation as low as is reasonably achievable (ALARA principle). How do you monitor this?

teamplay Dose4

assists you in complying with dose regulations,

provides evidence and reporting at different aggregation levels and

helps you to reduce the radiation dose in your imaging procedure

teamplay Dose

teamplay Dose is an enterprise-wide radiation dose management solution providing you with easy access to dose data, supporting the quality assurance process for monitoring imaging radiation dosage. teamplay Dose displays data for continuous dose performance evaluation, no matter which modality or vendor is used.

Perform efficient dose data analysis and get an overview of the scan protocols used by type and target region. Monitor the applied radiation over time by displaying the accumulated dose for each individual patient. And compare your outcomes among peers using global benchmarking1 with teamplay Dose.

What does teamplay Dose do for you?

  • Analysis: Patient-centric dose monitoring, including information from multiple sources, image headers, DICOM Radiation Dose Structured Report (RDSR), and optical character recognition (OCR) on dose report images
  • In-depth insights: Size-specific dose estimate (SSDE) and effective dose calculation using smart algorithms
  • Comparison: Benchmark against peers and national and institutional reference levels
  • Report: Reporting on dose events and storage for future quality assurance

How can teamplay help you and other operators of radiological imaging facilities to manage radiation dose?

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