N Latex BTP Assay
Rapid Detection of CSF leakage and Easier Estimation of RRF

N Latex BTP Assay
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Analytical Assay Performance

Assay principleLatex-enhanced immunonephelometry
Sample typehuman serum, heparinized and EDTA- plasma, urine, CSF, and CSF containing nasal or ear secretions
Measuring time12 minutes
Reference rangeCSF: 8.89 – 25.9 mg/L
Serum: ≤0.70 mg/L
Urine: ≤3.75 mg/L
Initial measuring range0.22 – 14.0 mg/L
Once-opened reagent stability         

7 days (BN ProSpec® System)

3 days with evaporation stoppers on BN™ II System
Calibration frequency4 weeks
PrecisionRepeatability: < 6.1%
Within-lab: <
Antigen excess securityup to 101 mg/L on BN ProSpec® System
up to 111 mg/L on BN™ II System

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