VersaCell X3 Solution
Dynamic STAT prioritization with advanced workflow through robotics and an optimal mix of analytics

VersaCell X3 Solution
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New features complement the fundamental VersaCell X3 Solution design, which uses advanced robotics for efficient delivery of samples to connected analyzers, reducing sample wait time at each connected analyzer for efficient processing and consistent turnaround time.

Consolidation with CentraLink Data Management System

The VersaCell X3 Solution further increases consolidation capabilities with the CentraLink™ Data Management System. With implementation of the CentraLink system, all data can be reviewed from a single screen for multiple disciplines such as chemistry and immunoassay.


By having the instruments report to a single location, the centralized terminal contains the information required for lab technologists to review and validate results. The CentraLink system expedites processes for reviewing data and, ultimately, enables faster clinical decisions.

Simple access to samples and connected instruments

The automated process can significantly improve lab efficiency and productivity through a single point of access for all samples.

Flexible configurations

VersaCell X3 Solutions can expand chemistry and immunoassay testing in a way that meets lab requirements—whether the lab is running chemistry, immunoassay, or integrated systems—with the flexibility to connect up to three analyzers through a single robotic sample interface.


Which two- or three-instrument combination of chemistry and immunoassay systems will best suit your laboratory needs? Siemens workflow experts can help you decide on a customized solution that meets your requirements.

Automatic sorting capabilities

You can sort samples pre- and post-analytically within a single, consolidated solution and footprint.

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