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Integrating patients in the care process with the portal for patients
The eHealth Patient Portal allows patients Web access to their health data and enables them to actively participate in their treatment. It allows patients to:

  • Organize their own health record (incl. authorization rights)
  • Access their own data
  • Adapt their personal data
  • Interact with physicians online
  • Connect external devices and load data into the portal


Benefits at a glance

  • Integrating patients into the treatment process
  • Patient self-documentation
  • Consent management and access overview for patients
  • Connects with several home monitoring devices
  • Secure and quick online communication saves time and effort
  • Easy online access to treatment data, no more paper/CD records
  • Reduced effort to keep personal patient data up to date as patients manage their own data
  • Easy integration of prior results into the local patient record
  • Stronger relationship between patients and physicians


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