Hospital do Espirito Santo de Evora - outside view

Efficient use of technological innovations and standardized processes in cardiovascular care

Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora, Portugal

To improve cardiovascular care, the local Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora (HESE) entered into an 8-year Value Partnership in 2018 with Siemens Healthineers to double their capacity and help them to offer new treatment options. Siemens Healthineers offered a flexible financial solution, as well as holistic cath lab management including technical innovations, maintenance, user training and telehealth services. Today, Évora hospital and its new cardiovascular center can provide high-quality services to patients both near and far and thus provides access to care even in rural Alentejo.

84-year-old Francisco benefits from the telehealth program

Alentejo in Portugal has the oldest population in the country. Heart disease is the leading health risk. To improve cardiovascular care, we helped Évora Hospital to double their capacity and build a world-class cardiovascular center. Today, it treats patients both far and near – including Francisco Antonio Rosa who now receives the care he needs.

Because every patient matters, we create new possibilities in a world of limited resources.

Siemens Healthineers is also supporting research activities and collaboration between the cardiovascular innovation center and the University of Évora to train future specialists, a collaboration which did not exist to this extent before. It is not only the patients who benefit from this: Hospital board also hopes to attract young talents to HESE through the advanced training and research projects.

Latest Insights

Showcasing the case study for HESE in Portugal

Upgrading cardiovascular care in rural Portugal 

A Value Partnership to transform a countryside hospital into one of the most advanced cardiology centers in Portugal.

Showcasing an in-depth article on the Value Partnership with HESE

Improving access to care in rural Portugal through a telehealth program 

Achieving increased quality of life while saving patient time and health expenditures.


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Extend clinical capabilities 

Doubling cath lab capacity and introducing new procedures to widen the area of healthcare reach

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Improve patient experience 

Bringing innovations to the cath lab for enhanced care provision during and after treatment

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Optimize clinical operations 

Increasing the cath lab workflow efficiency and establishing KPIs to continuously monitor success 

  • 8-year tailored Value Partnership to drive performance and excellence in Technology, Facility, Strategic Transformation, and Digital Innovation
  • Holistic cath lab Technology Management including maintenance, a flexible financial solution, and the delivery of technology innovations. Management of construction works for a second cath lab room also added
  • Operational improvement consulting using an innovative socio-technical approach and workflow simulation to enhance workflow efficiency and clinical outcomes
  • Remote Care Management program (telehealth) to support patients in their home setting after interventions 

Value Contribution

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-135 min potential reduction of average time spent in cath lab  

Identified through workflow simulation

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-80 min potential reduction of waiting time 

Evaluated through the workflow simulation

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Improved workflows

Will optimize operational efficiency, clinical pathways, and patient experience

Prof. Patricio Lino, Director of the Integrated Cardiovascular Responsibility Center 

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