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Your digital solution for effective and intelligent vaccination management

Vaccellent is an intelligent cloud-based vaccination solution that helps you to manage, operate, and coordinate the optimized distribution and utilization of COVID-19 vaccines.

The end-to-end solution Vaccellent supports vaccine providers such as vaccination centers, hospitals or physicians with streamlined operations to reduce manual effort in their daily work, for example through efficient planning of appointments via an online portal and an automatically synchronized vaccine inventory management. Vaccellent also enables governments and health authorities to take confident decisions by managing vaccination dose distribution effectively supported by AI-based analytics. By combining operational vaccination aspects and vaccination distribution management, doses and dates, patients and places can be coordinated seamlessly based on real-time data. This allows providers to save critical time and to take fast, confident decisions.

Vaccellent Operations helps you to save time by always having the information you need at hand …
  1. Streamlined navigation, from planning to reporting to inventory management
  2. Transparent overview of planned or completed appointments
  3. Detailed information per patient, e.g., contact details and planned or completed appointments with used vaccine
… and reduces the manual effort in your daily work through an integrated, automatic vaccine inventory synchronization
  1. Comprehensive overview of your vaccination utilization, e.g., the total amount of used or wasted doses and number of performed vaccinations
  2. Inventory management is synchronized with your workflow, e.g., automatic removal of doses from stock after reporting a successful vaccination
  3. High transparency about your vaccine stock, e.g., about received and available vaccination batches
Vaccellent Dashboard enables you to take confident, data-driven decisions on how to effectively distribute available vaccines …
  1. Overview of distribution strategy with expected key trends
  2. Quickly switch between different models based on alternative distribution criteria, e.g., infection rate or population size
  3. Direct comparison of selected model with conventional distribution approach
  4. AI-based analytics support decisions on the highly effective distribution of available vaccines at specific vaccination centers
… and allows you to immediately judge the expected effectiveness of different vaccine distribution scenarios based on a trained AI algorithm
  1. AI algorithm trained to find the vaccine distribution with an optimized impact on the expected incidence with dynamic targeting