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With the Xprecia Stride Analyzer, healthcare professionals can feel confident that they are getting the usability, safety, efficiency, and accuracy they need. It’s designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s healthcare professionals and address the key areas of importance in point-of-care testing.

Xprecia Stride Analyzer


  • Touchscreen features include bright-color interface with step-by-step instructions help guide the user
  • Lot calibration using integrated bar-code reader


  • Test strip eject button reduces potential biohazard exposure
  • Operator lockout feature restricts analyzer use to trained staff only


  • Design is compact and portable to enable fast,efficient patient testing at the point of care
  • Test requires only small sample applied at tip of strip


  • Lab confirmatory testing may be reduced because of good correlation to lab results
  • Bar-code scanner offers patient and operator ID entry

Siemens hemostasis quality from lab to point of care.

  • Xprecia™ PT/INR test strips and Siemens’ central lab analyzers use the same Dade® Innovin® reagent and QC