siemens healthineers at precision medicine leaders summit

Precision Medicine Leaders Summits 2021

Virtual Series


The Precision Medicine Leaders Summits are a series of conferences bringing together industry leaders from across the globe to share ideas about how better to implement precision medicine into healthcare systems worldwide. The summits include presentations, panel discussions, and opportunities for networking with thinkers and innovators committed to expanding precision medicine - providing the right treatment at the right time to every patient.

This year, the events were held virtually and divided into specific topics. Siemens Healthineers participated by sharing its vision and insights into the importance of precision medicine to deliver high value care. Including practical suggestions for hospital and national healthcare leaders on navigating the current pandemic with precision, and innovation ideas on AI-enabled clinical solutions to expand precision medicine, specifically in the four areas of improving diagnostic accuracy, reducing unwarranted variations, personalizing when it matters, and advancing therapy outcomes.

Precision Medicine Leaders Summits 2021
  • March 2: Pharmacovigilance & Pharmacogenomics in Precision Medicine
  • March 16: Clinical Trials in Precision Medicine
  • March 30 & October 5: Precision Oncology
  • April 13: Precision Health
  • April 27: Genomics & Precision Medicine
  • May 11: Diagnostics for Precision Medicine
    Siemens Healthineers participation
  • May 27: Telemedicine & Digital Health
  • June 10: Precision Medicine and Rare Disease
  • June 24: AI, Machine Learning & Data Science
    Siemens Healthineers participation
  • October 12: Precision Pathology
  • October 19: Pharmacogenomics
  • November 2: Community Oncology
Listen to our speakers and learn about our vision on expanding precision medicine.


May 11: Precision Diagnostics for Precision Medicine

The advent of COVID-19 vaccines requires updated thinking on testing. Luis Lasalvia, MD, Vice President & Global Medical Officer, Siemens Healthineers, addresses key challenges and current pressuring unknowns impacting testing and diagnostics (testing infrastructure, customizing by specific populations, digital and immunity passports, virus variants, immunity).

Click on the image to watch the talk (approx. 33 min).

Precision Medicine Leaders Summits 2021:Ralph Wiegner, PhD - How AI can improve decision making
June 24: AI, Machine Learning & Data Science

Ralph Wiegner, PhD, Global Head of Digitalizing Healthcare of Siemens Healthineers, explains how integrated data and artificial intelligence can help make better decisions in diagnosis and therapy, supporting the expansion of precision medicine.