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MAMMOMAT Revelation
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System specification

Detector technologyAmorphous Selenium (aSe)
Detector size24 cm x 30 cm (9.5“ x 12“)
X-ray tube anode materialTungsten
FilterAnode-filter combinations: W/Rh, W/Ti
Swivel range+180° to -180°, motorized, isocentric rotation with preselectable rotation angle
Swivel range of tomosynthesis mode-25° till +25° with 25 projections
Height adjustment (motorized)69 cm (27.2“) to 150 cm (59.1“) (object table)
Source-image distance65 cm (25.6“), for high geometric resolution and optimum patient access during positioning
Weight of biopsy unit< 5 kg
Monitors3 MP 54 cm (21“) TFT color display (optional)


Clinical applications and workflows

X-ray release optionsControl-desk, hand-switch, and footswitch options
PRIME TechnologyYes
OpComp - optimized compression forceYes
OpDose - optimized patient doseYes
DICOM ServicesDICOM Query/Retrieve, DICOM Print, DICOM Storage (Send/Receive), DICOM Storage Commitment, DICOM MPPS, DICOM Worklist Management



HD Breast Tomosynthesis1
Make confident diagnostic decisions using our unique 50° wide-angle tomosynthesis. It provides the highest depth resolution2 – which is key for tissue separation in 3D mammography.

Insight 2D and 3D1
Reduce dose by up to 40% when using Insight 2D instead of FFDM as an adjunct to tomosynthesis3. Because it looks similar to a mammogram, it is ideal for easy comparison with prior images. Our unique Insight 3D provides you with the real 3D feeling: see microcalcifications at a glance and easily communicate findings to peers and patients.

HD Breast Biopsy
Profit from our unique 50° wide-angle technology that results in a target accuracy of +/- 1mm, and reduce your biopsy procedure time thanks to easy one-click targeting. And stay flexible: because you can use the biopsy device you prefer.

InSpect – Integrated Specimen Tool1
Save time and costs: get your specimen scan within just 20 seconds right on the mammography system.

Insight BD – Breast Density assessment1
Benefit from instant risk stratification right at the acquisition workstation with 100% objective, volumetric breast density assessment - for FFDM and tomosynthesis.

TiCEM – Titanium Contrast Enhanced Mammography1
Receive additional diagnostic information in order to confidently detect or rule out lesions. TiCEM can be used as a cost-effective diagnostic alternative to MRI, while it reduces scheduling conflicts and workload on other modalities. The optimized titanium filter reduces x-ray tube load for seamless examinations.

Personalized Soft Compression1
Reduce patient discomfort and achieve consistent image quality with Personalized Soft Compression: the optimal compression is automatically adjusted for each woman. The soft edges and breast-optimized shape of the SoftComp Paddles provide better access for easier positioning and higher patient comfort.

Enhance patient experience using our calming MoodLight. With a wide selection of colors and our elegant system design you create a relaxing atmosphere.

PRIME Technology
Reduce dose by up to 30%4 without compromising image quality using the world’s first software based anti-scatter solution for mammography. Sliding back the mechanical grid means there is no longer a fixed object absorbing radiation between breast and detector, so you can utilize 100% of the primary radiation –and achieve lower overall dose levels.

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4Compared to grid-based acquisition with Mammomat Inspiration, depending on breast thickness - L.B. Larsen, A. Fieselmann, H. Pfaff, T. Mertelmeier Performance of grid-less digital mammography acquisition technique for breast screening: analysis of 22,117 examinations Presentation B-1025 ECR 2015

MAMMOMAT Revelation is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.