MAGNETOM Trio Upgrade
Upgrade your MAGNETOM Trio to MAGNETOM Prismafit

MAGNETOM Trio Upgrade
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When upgrading your MAGNETOM Trio to MAGNETOM Prismafit you benefit from:


MAGNETOM Prismafit‘s latest technology leads to increased image quality especially for body, prostate and breast imaging. Acquire whole body coverage for metastasis staging in a single, continuous move with the TimCT Onco Dot Engine. Together, Tim 4G high-density coils and Dot’s on-board guidance provide consistency and superb image quality.

Body MRI

With the combination of the Tim 4G Body 18 and Spine 32 coils, high channel body imaging is possible. Ultra-fast, high-resolution, 2D and 3D protocols are provided for abdomen, pelvis, MR Colonography, MRCP, dynamic kidney, and MR Urography applications. With our new technology FREEZEit1 you are able to embrace motion instead of succumbing to it. With the Abdomen Dot Engine, standard and efficient imaging of the upper abdomen is possible. Non-invasive liver evaluation with tissue characterization is now possible with LiverLab1.

CAIPIRINHA is an unique new iPAT2 sequence technique which can be applied to volumetric 3D imaging e.g. in the abdominal region or in angiographic examinations. CAIPIRINHA patterns distribute k-space points more uniformly, enabling significant acceleration at comparable image quality.

Prostate MRI

With the high-density spine and body coils alone, MAGNETOM Prismafit enables excellent multiparametric imaging of the prostate in terms of morphology, physiology, and function.

Breast MRI

From clinical imaging to biopsy guidance, you can count on a wide selection of breast coils and outstanding image quality. The Breast Dot Engine offers different workflows e.g. for implants, easing the distinction between fat and water peaks consistently.


MAGNETOM Prismafit offers with the new XR 80/200 gradient coil high-resolution brain imaging with isotropic 3D imaging1 and significantly increased SNR for diffusion weighted imaging. Combined with Tim 4G coils e.g. Head/Neck 64 and latest iPAT1 reconstruction techniques, it enables fast imaging and an excellent SNR. This is the basis for excellent functional and structural brain imaging.

Other benefits with upgrade:

  • Diffusion Spectrum Imaging with up to 514 diffusion directions
  • Sensitive to multiple diffusion directions within a voxel
  • Potential to characterize crossing fibers
  • Advanced multi-nuclear Spectroscopy
  • Excellent signal stability even for demanding long measurements – thanks to the new XR 80/200 gradient cooling system


And Tim 4G’s new ultra high-density coils for MSK e.g. Shoulder 16 and Foot/Ankle Coil 16 improve SNR and anatomic coverage. Dot features AutoAlign and AutoCoverage for knee, hip, and shoulder. And they even include Advanced WARP1, e.g. Large Joint Dot Engine to reduce metal implant induced artifacts. The new iPAT2 leads to ultrafast 3D imaging and a significant improvement for any 2-dimensional acceleration.

The combination of MAGNETOM Prismafit’s XR 80/200 gradient and Tim 4G receive architecture also leads to better fat saturation and higher resolution joint imaging.


With the fit Upgrade the Cardiac Suite has improvements in T2 cardiac imaging and improvements for applications, ranging from morphology and ventricular function to tissue characterization. And the new MyoMaps1 provides valuable diagnostic information about subtle changes in tissue composition – on the fly. With the Cardiac Dot Engine, simplify cardiac localization with AutoAlign Heart to just a few clicks.


With the upgrade to MAGNETOM Prismafit you can visualize enhanced flow effects with the XR 80/200 gradient system, achieve higher SNR and extreme iPAT performance with Tim 4G. For MR Angiography scans with contrast media, the Angio Dot Engine helps to realize optimized bolus timing at every examination. Depiction of smaller vessels without contrast agent with ToF angiography is enhanced with the fit Upgrade. Real-time graphics and AutoVoiceCommands assist the user in organizing the ideal timing of breathing, scanning, and contrast media.


Specific protocols can be adapted for imaging infants2 and with high-density coils in Tim 4G a fast and high resolution image is possible. E.g. Pediatric 16 coil.


syngo.via is a comprehensive imaging IT solution, helping you to process read and share images faster and easier. For both routine and advanced MR interpretation.

It can be seamlessly integrated with MAGNETOM Prismafit, improving workflow not only at the scanner, but throughout the organization.

Start your engines for routine, oncology, neurology and cardiovascular cases:

  • syngo.MR General Engine
  • syngo.MR Onco Engine
  • syngo.MR Spectro Engine
  • syngo.MR Cardio Engine
  • syngo.MR Neuro Perfusion Engine

and benefit from numerous applications transforming the way you view, read, and evaluate with your MR images.

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1syngo.MR VE11 for MAGNETOM Prismafit is still under development and not commercially available yet. Its future availability cannot be ensured.

2MR scanning has not been established as safe for imaging fetuses and infants under two years of age. The responsible physician has to decide about the benefit of the MRI examination in comparison to other imaging procedures.