Breast 18 Coil

Breast 18 Coil
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  • 18-channel design with 4 frontal elements, 4 elements around the breast and 1 axillary element for each breast. Resulting in 9 elements per breast
  • Lightest weight in the Siemens Breast coil portfolio
  • Height adjustable head rest and arm rest pad to be used when positioning the patient with the hands above the head
  • Compact design
  • Fixation unit
  • Plug parking position
  • Single plug connect
  • Handling bar
  • Support cushion with mechanical lock to coil
  • Volume per breast 2200 ml
  • Integrated design concept
  • Prepared for automatic positioning in isocenter 



  • Simultaneous imaging of both breasts in all directions
  • Uni- or bi-lateral imaging of the breasts in sagittal direction
  • Axillar imaging elements
  • High-resolution 2D and 3D imaging
  • For quantitative imaging spectroscopy (syngo GRACE1) a reference bottle can be inserted 


Technical data

  • Dimensions: 575 mm x 410 mm x 205 mm


General Requirements


Minimum Software Version

syngo MR D13


Also available for:

MAGNETOM Prismafit


MAGNETOM Avantofit
Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.

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