SMS-DWI Protocols
Simultaneous Multi-Slice DWI for Abdomen and Breast Protocols

Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) has great potential in body oncology, however, being a single-shot technology, the acquisition is relatively time consuming.
Simultaneous Multi-Slice (SMS)-EPI deploys multiband pulses to excite multiple slices simultaneously. This excitation is combined with a blipped CAIPIRINHA approach during readout to reduce g-factor related SNR loss.
As a result, an additional acquisition time reduction of up to 46% without compromising image quality compared to a standard GRAPPA 2 can be achieved with SMS 2 in combination with GRAPPA 2 in breast and abdominal scans. Protocols, .exar files and DICOM images for MAGNETOM Aera 1.5T and MAGNETOM Skyra 3T can be downloaded here. Prerequisite: Software version syngo MR E11C and SMS-EPI license.

Find out more about SMS in a special MAGNETOM Flash issue, guest edited by Professor Peter Jezzard (FMRIB, University of Oxford). This issue covers all topics from technical details to clinical and research applications. Read articles from the developers of this technique (M. Griswold, K. Ugurbil, L. Wald). Leading clinicians and scientists around the world share their clinical and research experiences with SMS Diffusion and BOLD in neuroimaging (A. Bartsch, C. Eichner, R. Hoge, K. Miller, T. Shepherd, S. Smith, E. Yacoub,) and beyond, to orthopedics, body, cardiology, and pediatric imaging (G. Andreisek, H. Chandarana, C. Mekkaouri, D. Staeb). This issue also provides a vision into the expansion of SMS to fast and high-resolution anatomical imaging with SMS TSE1 (J. Cui, J. Ellermann, M. Kean, S. Kralik) and more advanced diffusion techniques with SMS RESOLVE1 (R. Frost, D. Porter, V. Runge).

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1SMS TSE and SMS RESOLVE are currently under development and are not for sale in the U.S. and in other countries. Their future availability cannot be guaranteed.