Case Report "Osteosarcoma Metastasis"

Jeanette Schulz-Menger, M.D.; Philipp Boye, M.D.; Franz Volhard Clinic
Charité Campus Buch, Berlin, Germany
 |  2007-05-21

Patient History

17-year-old man with osteosarcoma in the right lower leg. Pulmonary metastasis was seen. Cardiac MRI was performed due to abnormal finding in transthoracic echocardiography indicating an intracardiac mass in the right ventricle.

Image Findings

Using cine sequences and T1-weighted Dark Blood images1 in RVOT-orientation, two tumors in the right ventricular outflow tract with extension into the pulmonary artery trunk can be visualized. In TrueFISP cine-sequence the tumors appear mobile. In the T1-weighted sequence the masses appear isointense. The right ventricle is enlarged.

Results and Discussions

This patient shows a cardiac metastasis of an osteosarcoma. In most reported cases the location of a cardiac metastasis of osteosarcoma is the right ventricle. Cardiac MRI allows the detection of cardiac tumors and intracardiac masses with high sensitivity. Using T1- and T2-weighted imaging and application of contrast agent, differentiation between thrombus and tumor and between different types of tumors can to some extent be achieved.

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