fit Upgrades


The decision to purchase a new MRI system is based on several factors. The cost of the purchase and installation are a particularly important factor in such a decision. However, a new MRI system with innovative technology offers unique features and the opportunity to develop into new markets. The use of new technology can lead to improved patient comfort, better image quality and an increase in the number of examinations. The articles on this page share experience with different upgrades.

MAGNETOM Avantofit

4-dimensional phase contrast imaging in congenital heart disease: How we do it

Timothy C. Slesnick, M.D., et al., Emory University School of Medicine, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, GA, USA

Long-term Experience with MR Upgrades

Christos Loupatatzis, Christoforos Stoupis, MRI AG Spital Maennedorf, Switzerland

Cardiac MRI: Image Quality Improvement and Examination Time Shortening After MAGNETOM Avantofit Upgrade

Enrico Armando, M.D. et al., Radiology Department, Ospedale Cardinal Massaia, Asti, Italy

MAGNETOM Avantofit / MAGNETOM Skyrafit

The fit Experience in Canada

Nancy Talbot, Princess Margaret Cancer Center, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada

The Skyrafit Experience in Basel

Thomas Egelhof, Georg Katz, Merian Iselin Spital, Basel Switzerland

MAGNETOM Avantofit / MAGNETOM Prismafit

fit-Upgrade: A Success Story

Stephan Zangos; Thomas J. Vogl, University Hospital Frankfurt, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

MAGNETOM Prismafit

Advanced Multi-parametric Neuroimaging in Pediatric Neurology

Steffi Dreha-Kulaczewski, et al., University Medical Center, Göttingen, Germany

A Within-subject Comparison of Common Neuroimaging Protocols on MAGNETOM Prismafit and MAGNETOM Trio Scanners

Ross W. Mair; Stephanie McMains, Center for Brain Science, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

MAGNETOM Trio Upgrade to Prismafit Better Imaging Technique Combined with Higher Throughput in Clinical Practice

Stephan Zangos; Thomas J. Vogl, University Hospital Frankfurt, Frankfurt/Main, Germany