Case Report "Internal Acoustic Canal"

Patrick Beaulieu M.R.T.
Ottawa, Hôpital Montfort , Canada
 |  2007-05-21

Patient History

42 y/o, female, Hx inbalance x 6 months, absent left vestibular function, r/o acoustic neuroma.

Image Findings

Evidence of a large 2.7cm left cerebellar pontine angle mass extending into the left internal auditory canal which appears widened. The mass itself is hyperintense on T2 and mildly hypointense on T1. There is associated mass effect on the brain stem which is moderately compressed and displaced towards the right side.

Sequence details

T1 pre-post contrast axials, 3D CISS axial with MPR coronal reformat, T1 cor fatsat post,
T2 & FLAIR axial brain

Results and Discussions

Findings consistent with a left acoustic Schwannoma.

Technical details

LOCATION and DATE of scan
Montfort Hospital – Portobello Site, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Scanner Model Used
Avanto 1.5T

Coils Used
Head matrix

Software Version / ADD-ON Used
Syngo 2004b

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