MR Neuro Imaging
Understanding complexity

Siemens’ global MRI community MAGNETOM World offers peer-to-peer support and information providing first-hand experiences from Prostate MRI users.

Case Studies

High Potential Impact of Simultaneous Multi-Slice Diffusion
Acquisition Strategies on Future Clinical Neuroradiology Practice:

In his article about Simultaneous Multi-Slice Diffusion Timothy Shepherd (M.D., Ph.D.) from the New York University states that diffusion has become a critical component of almost all neuroradiology protocols for the head with potential important roles in spine and neck now being better defined. The most impactful application over the past 25 years has been that diffusion is essential for the diagnosis of acute stroke, a frequent indication for MRI in hospitals throughout the world.

Application Tips

fMRI Made Easy with an Integrated Siemens and NordicNeuroLab Solution:
BOLD fMRI is emerging as standard method of care for presurgical planning – mapping eloquent regions of the brain before brain surgery. What used to be a complicated setup available only to researchers is now available in the clinical radiology department.

Clinical Talks

A 5 Minute Clinical Brain Protocol:
Lawrence Wald, MassachusettsGeneral Hospital (Boston, USA)
9th MAGNETOM World Summit in Oxfordshire, UK

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