Compressed Sensing
Beyond speed.

Compressed Sensing
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CS SPACE, CS SEMAC and CS TOF – Beyond Speed. Beyond restrictions.

Isotropic 3D imaging of the brain or MSK joints provides clear clinical value but still is not established to the full extent in clinical routine. This is due to typical scan times of 5-6 minutes and compromises in spatial resolution when scan times are reduced.
By accelerating imaging with Compressed Sensing, 3D scans of the brain in every contrast, with 1mm isotropic resolution are possible in only 3 minutes per scan. Time-of-Flight scans with submillimeter resolution can be accelerated by a factor of 10, enabling scan times of only 2 minutes. Similar advantages can also be achieved for high-resolution MSK imaging and with CS SEMAC. With CS SEMAC, in particular, high quality imaging in the presence of MR-conditional metal implants can be performed in up to 55% shorter scan times1.

Your benefits:

  • Acquire 1mm isotropic 3D brain images in all relevant contrasts in 3 minutes each
  • Acquire 3D images with sub-millimeter resolution for all relevant contrast in musculoskeletal imaging in less than 5 minutes per scan.
  • Perform high-resolution ToF imaging in 2:00 minutes for time critical patients with up to 10-fold acceleration
  • Reliably apply advanced metal artefact reduction in daily clinical routine – less than 6 minutes per scan with CS SEMAC

1Data on file. Results may vary.