Breast MRI
High sensitivity and specificity to support cancer imaging

From routine breast imaging to advanced applications

We provide high-resolution protocols for morphological and dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging of the breast at 1.5T and 3T. Typical challenges in the breast, such as artifacts caused by motion or susceptibility are adressed with state-of-the art hardware as well as software solutions. We offer several applications for reliable routine breast imaging and click-n-go protocols for consistent results in breast imaging, even in patients with implants. Advanced applications for functional tissue assessment, such as DWI or spectroscopy can support therapy monitoring and breast tissue visualization due to increased spatial resolution.

Applications for contrast dynamics

VIEWS: Volume imaging with enhanced water signal

VIEWS provides isotropic 3D imaging protocols with high temporal and spatial resolution as well as excellent fat suppression. You can acquire images bilaterally or unilaterally with excellent coverage of the axillae and retrosternal regions.

TWIST: Time-resolved angiography with interleaved stochastic trajectories

TWIST is an advanced application for time-resolved, dynamic 3D imaging, based on a k-space sampling algorithm. Signal-enhanced data can be used to evaluate potential tumor vascularization. TWIST provides submillimeter spatial and high temporal resolution as the basis for high-quality dynamic datasets that can be evaluated in a 3D or 4D format.


RESOLVE: Outstanding diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI)

RESOLVE reduces blurring and susceptibility to artifacts. It is largely free of distortions and delivers sharp images at higher spatial resolution. RESOLVE is especially attractive for the evaluation of smaller lesions in a wide range of examinations.

Further applications for breast MR imaging

REVEAL: Diffusion-weighted imaging

GRACE: Generalized breast spectroscopy exam

Biopsy: Path planning at the scanner

BLADE: Correction of motion artifacts