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The power to reach further and enter new territories is essential for those who shape the future of healthcare. Whether for basic, clinical or neuroscience research endeavors, MAGNETOM Terra lets you go deeper than ever before. All in one, the power of 7T MRI helps you deliver previously unseen insights that could improve patient outcomes and further enhance your reputation.

Double SNR for more precision – With clinical applications in Dual Mode

When it comes to improving patient outcomes by answering the most challenging clinical questions, enabling deeper clinical insights can make a difference. With over double the SNR of 3T, and by switching to clinical tasks with Dual Mode, imaging at 7T offers potential for better lesion conspicuity, faster image acquisition to reduce motion artefacts, and earlier disease detection at the submillimeter scale.

Help improve patient outcomes:

  • A 0.2 mm in-plane resolution to visualize previously unseen structures
  • 0.14 cm³ voxel sizes for innovative metabolic brain mapping
  • Submillimeter BOLD fMRI precision for tumor pre-surgical evaluation1


Unlock research beyond clinical limits – With 8-channel parallel transmit

When it comes to research, the freedom to explore new territories is imperative for gaining a competitive edge. MAGNETOM Terra unlocks a whole new world of potential for basic, clinical and neuroscience research helping you translate your outcomes into better clinical care. For example, by improving image quality when imaging challenging body regions with the 8-channel pTX.

Unlock powerful research capabilities:

  • Visualize sub-cortical activations in single human subjects
  • More power for diffusion MRI with 80/200 gradients
  • Higher acceleration factors with 64 receive channels 

Change the game in UHF business – With Siemens’ 50% lighter 7T magnet

Medical research funding has stagnated in the last decade. MAGNETOM Terra provides leading-edge capabilities to increase your competitiveness, while making a tangible difference to clinical care, research – and your business. The new Siemens 50% lighter 7T magnet is designed to enable easier integration into clinical environments and lower operating costs.

The right business impact:

  • Easy integration in clinical environments, faster installation
  • Designed for future clinical use with planned clinical clearance
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to Zero Helium boil-off 

Join the largest research community – With over 70% of all UHF users

Your reputation plays a pivotal role in your institution’s success. MAGNETOM Terra helps you attract the brightest minds to your facility, to consequently publish first and put your organization firmly on the map. With over 70% of all UHF scanners deployed worldwide, Siemens fosters access to an exclusive network of expertise and broad scope for collaboration and exchange.

Increase your reputation:

  • Over 70% of 7T MRI scanners worldwide are from Siemens
  • In 2017, more than 74% of UHF ISMRM abstracts were based on data on Siemens Healthineers scanner.2

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1S. Trattnig, et al. Clinical applications at ultrahigh field (7 T). Where does it make the difference? NMR Biomed. 2015.

2Data on file.