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“The mobile workflow: More than ever, the patient is in the center of the whole examination.”

Carla Susana Ribeiro Pinto
CT radiographer at Centro Hospitalar de São João, Porto, Portugal


Gain flexibility with the new mobile workflow

Built around a new mobile workflow, SOMATOM go.Now® features a line-up of innovative solutions that bring an unparalleled level of flexibility and mobility to daily CT routines. The solutions also help to enhance patient comfort for potentially higher levels of patient satisfaction.


  • Lightweight, high-resolution tablet gives you total freedom over how you work
  • With its Scan&GO technology, you just need a few steps for the entire scan
  • Start checking patients’ information as soon as you collect them from the waiting room, and then prepare the scan directly at the gantry
  • Stay with the patient for longer

With the SOMATOM go.Now CT scanner, users can spend most of the time with the patient – which results in higher efficiency, higher patient comfort, and fewer motion artifacts.

On the left: A standard workflow. The CT operator spends most of the time in the control room.

In comparison, the unique new mobile workflow of SOMATOM go.Now, based on tablet-operation and automation.


New workplace design

  • Thanks to gantry-integrated computers, complete flexibility over where you position the workstation
  • Depending on your needs and infrastructure, you can set up the workstation in the same room, outside the scan room, or in a separate control room


  • Helps you keep an eye on the patient at all times
  • Makes it easy to provide better care
  • Close-up perspective makes it easy to spot even micro-movements and keep the patient in the right position

Remote control

  • Easy-to-use Bluetooth remote control
  • Streamlines scanning and makes workflow processes more efficient


Automate your workflow with GO technologies

SOMATOM go.Now features a holistic set of intuitive solutions that addresses your workflow not only at the scanner but also beyond. By reducing repetitive workflow steps, GO technologies help standardize and simplify all departmental processes. You can therefore work more efficiently and focus on your patients – two factors key to running a successful business.


  • A tablet app that allows you to control scans remotely
  • Choose whether to operate the scanner at the gantry or from outside the room
  • Benefit from faster patient preparation and positioning


  • An intelligent algorithm that flags up problems with coverage or contrast media distribution as they occur
  • Correct issues on the go, prevent subsequent errors in multiphase scans, and avoid archiving suboptimal images
  • Ultimately reduce the number of recalls


  • Performs zero-click postprocessing, making it part of the standard reconstruction tasks
  • As a ready-to-read technology it saves time and cuts down on workflow steps

CT View&GO

  • An all-in-one, cross-specialty viewing solution that provides a large variety of clinical applications
  • Tools for smooth reading in just one workflow
  • Customizable user interface to tailor the system to your needs


Turn complex exams into clinical routine

SOMATOM go.Now helps you turn complex exams into clinical routine. Thanks to premium technologies, it delivers results that were previously only available on high-end scanners.

Intuitive functions in CT-guided intervention

Benefit from Guide&GO, the first tablet-based solution for CT-guided interventions. Control the entire procedure from the tablet and remote control, and navigate images using intuitive touchscreen functions familiar to any smartphone user.

Fast and efficient routine scanning
SOMATOM go.Now delivers the low-dose scanning that is essential for optimal patient care, e.g. in orthopedics. Its technology allows scans of long ranges while maintaining a high spatial resolution.

High-quality angiography for vascular exams
SOMATOM go.Now allows high-quality angiography exams of central arteries with good iodine contrast, sub-millimeter slices, and precise timing.

Fast and precise routine neuro examinations
SOMATOM go.Now optimizes image quality and reduces dose in routine neuro examinations. High spatial resolution improves the imaging of very small bony structures such as those in the inner ear.

Broaden your portfolio in preventive care
SOMATOM go.Now allows you to offer lung and colon screening. With sub-millimeter collimation in every scan, it provides high spatial resolution and helps improve the detection of occult lesions.


Profit from a low initial investment and reliable components

A key aim of the overall SOMATOM go. concept was to minimize your initial cost of investment. The result is a system that makes a Siemens Healthineers CT scanner more affordable than ever. In addition, the scanner components and underlying software algorithms were specifically chosen for reliability, remote serviceability, and extended tube lifetime.

Flexible room concept

  • Save on valuable space by having scanner and workstation in one single room. With the “niche” setup, operators are fully protected while the X-ray is on.
  • Thanks to gantry-integrated computers, you no longer need to invest in a separate control room.
  • Alternative: position the workstation outside the room or opt for the traditional control room setup

Reliable components

  • Equipped with durable components that deliver outstanding reliability to keep the scanner running smoothly for longer
  • Experts from the Siemens Healthineers Support Center provide ad hoc support whenever needed and quickly help identify and resolve any issues that might occur via Smart Remote Service
  • Chronon® tube features a highly robust design and 8.75 MHU equivalent anode heat capacity with SAFIRE, built to surpass the performance of its predecessor.



Benefit from premium support

The Siemens Healthineers Connect Plan1 is an all-new service plan that comes standard with the investment of SOMATOM go.Now. It fully utilizes the capabilities of the connection to our digital platforms – SRS, PEPconnect3, LifeNet – and to our remote services. This allows you to receive seamless support. It covers the second and third year after system purchase and gives you the financial confidence of premium service, matching your total cost of ownership requirements. Additionally, you can optionally upgrade to a full service contract.

Siemens Healthineers Connect Plan1

  • Multi-year service package, included in the system purchase price, to improve scanner uptime
  • Affords you financial certainty from day one
  • Many aspects of service – including spare parts2 – covered in the scanner purchase price
  • Higher uptime, improved workflows, efficient support, and streamlined training

Blended learning with PEPconnect3

  • The industry’s first online personalized education experience
  • Combines self-study training material, face-to-face training, and online learning
  • Staff training can begin even before system delivery

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1Powered by Smart Remote Service. Siemens Healthineers Connect Plan is subject to regional adaptions/restrictions.

2Excluding X-ray tube and tablet. Additional tube and tablet coverage solutions are optionally available.

3PEPconnect availability is subject to regional restrictions.

The products/features shown on this webpage are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.