CT Cardio-Vascular Engine
Driving progress with the full spectrum of myocardial perfusion assessments.

CT Cardio-Vascular Engine
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What top innovation will you get?

Enhance your clinical capabilities when diagnosing coronary stenoses with state-of-the-art applications for the evaluation of myocardial perfusion on your CT.

  • Identifying the right approach when diagnosing coronary stenoses
    syngo.CT Cardiac Function – Enhancement1 offers you the full spectrum of myocardial perfusion: from first-pass enhancement in both rest and stress assessments to late enhancement for the evaluation of scarred tissue.
    With its evaluation of dynamic myocardial perfusion, syngo.CT Myocardial Perfusion takes you to a new level in measuring the myocardial blood flow – and allows you to use actual quantitative assessments of the hemodynamic relevance of intermediate stenoses of the coronaries.2 This enables you to choose the right diagnostic approach for every patient.

What else is new for you?

Increase your process efficiency with the CT Cardio-Vascular Engine’s new functions: Automate the completion of your graft order forms, standardize the visualization of coronary and general vessels, and save time in TAVI planning.

  • Automatically complete manufacturer-specific graft order forms
    Pre-procedural planning for treating abdominal and thoracic aortic aneurysms requires a precise assessment of several anatomical parameters. Numerous vendors offer a variety of stent grafts, each of which requires its own set of measurements.
    The new syngo.CT Rapid Stent Planning1 introduces the automatic completion of manufacturer-specific stent order forms. This optional extension makes the most effective use of the unique Rapid Results Technology: Protocols guide the user through all length and diameter measurements, which are then automatically stored in the corresponding order form. At delivery, syngo.CT Rapid Stent Planning provides three order forms: Gore Excluder, Zenith Flex, and Medtronic Endurant in PDF format. In addition, new order form templates can be generated to match the requirements of other vendors.3


  • For the appropriate valve selection
    syngo.CT Cardiac Function – Valve Pilot1 finds the annulus plane and provides the minimum, maximum, and effective diameters of the aortic annulus as the case is opened. The two ostia views help you assess their distance to the annulus plane. syngo.CT Cardiac Function – Valve Pilot helps you save time, and your TAVI planning results become more precise and reproducible.


  • Standardize and automate image creation
    When assessing coronary artery disease, the manual preparation of reformats and visualizations of the coronary vessels is time-consuming and rarely standardized. With Rapid Results Technology (RRT), you can automatically generate visualizations of the coronary and general vessels in a variety of types and orientations. Design your own protocols that best suit your daily work. Save time for reading other cases by allowing RRT to create just the right amount of information – standardized and reproducible. With the new edition, RRT lets you send the results of your executed protocols directly to your PACS or your preferred archiving system with no extra effort.

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2Adobe Acrobat Professional required

3syngo.CT DE Heart PBV and/or syngo VPCT Body – Myocardium required