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Set up your own Innovation Think Tank

ITT has 16+ internal locations within different SHS BLs and regions around the world working on projects and fostering local innovation within the department having infrastructures for the employees, researchers and students. Based on the years of success and driving innovation, key healthcare institutions are using ITT to address the local innovation challenges.

Set-up your own Innovation Think Tank


  • Create own innovation infrastructure to address local challenges
  • Foster innovation culture at the institutions
  • Enhance institutional branding
  • Learn and implement best practices of innovation from other ITT locations
  • Employee attractiveness by offering innovation and skill development programs
  • Create publications, white papers and IP
  • Write government grants and funding applications 

Application Procedure

For establishing an ITT Lab

SHS organizations/departments with long term strategy and need of developing an own innovation infrastructure, ecosystems and culture to identify and address institutional challenges.

Lab Areas/Zones and Equipment 

Use case testing zone, Modelling zone, Simulation zone, AR/VR zone, Sensor testing platform, 3D printing area, Electronics workbench, Co-working area