Hybrid Cath Lab Solutions
Creating new therapeutic opportunities in interventional cardiology

Hybrid Cath Lab Solutions
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Hybrid cath labs provide advanced imaging and at the same time fulfill the requirements for treating complex cases like high risk patients and structural heart disease. Therefore, next-generation cath labs are ideally suited for performing new therapeutic procedures such as aortic valve replacements, mitral valve repairs, and epicardial ablations of ventricular tachycardias. They also help to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of patient care by expanding your room capabilities and broadening your procedure mix.

Designing and installing a hybrid cath lab specifically customized to your needs – current and future – requires a dedicated team of experts. Siemens has extensive cardiology expertise and experience.

Equipped with advanced imaging technology, a hybrid cath lab can provide exceptional flexibility and support for a wide range of cardiovascular procedures. Artis zee solutions for hybrid cath labs are designed to make your workflow smart, easy and efficient.

ARTIS pheno for Hybrid Cath Lab Solutions

ARTIS pheno allows you to optimally treat any patient in your interventional suite or hybrid operating room – virtually regardless of patient size, condition, or positioning needs. Engineered to be truly patient-oriented, ARTIS pheno is a unique angiography system for individualized pre-procedural planning, intraoperative guidance, and immediate assessment.

  • Optimal patient positioning with flexible isocenter and multi-tilt table
  • Sufficient room to navigate complex imaging setups thanks to wide-space C-arm
  • Short syngo DynaCT scan times reduce contrast agent
  • StructureScout provides optimized visibility at lowest dose
  • Multi-tilt table accommodates maximum patient weight of 280 kg thanks to unprecedented material integrity

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Artis Family of Imaging Systems

The Artis family includes four product lines of interventional imaging systems: ARTIS pheno, Artis zee, Artis Q, and Artis Q.zen.

While the floor stand of the Artis one offers ceiling-like movement on a small foot print, the other product lines include a floor-, ceiling-mounted, or biplane system and even a highly flexible multi-axis system with robotic technology: Artis zeego. The versatile portfolio from Siemens offers the right solution for virtually any need in interventional cardiology.

Artis family

ARTIS pheno, as individual as your patients

Artis zee, the state-of-the-art system

Artis Q, the visionary system

Artis Q.zen, the ultra-low-dose system