Congenital Heart Disease

Congenital heart disease (congenital heart defect) is an abnormality in the heart's structure that the patient is born with. Although congenital heart disease is often considered a childhood condition, advances in interventional and surgical treatment have also led to significantly reduced mortality rates and patients often now live well into their adulthood. Find out how smart solutions from Siemens Healthineers can support you in your routine and advanced procedures for congenital heart disease. 

Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub of the Aswan Medical Center in Egypt wants to provide high-quality healthcare, to children in particular – free of charge.

Clinical Applications

Our dedicated solutions such as CLEARstent Live or syngo DynaCT Cardiac support your clinical procedures when treating congenital heart diseases.

Low-dose syngo DynaCT and syngo DynaCT Cardiac
A new perspective in CHD – 3D imaging by rotational angiography

syngo Fusion Package
Multimodality fusion in the cath lab

Enabling previous CT, MR or PET CT images to be fused with high-contrast angio 3D or syngo DynaCT datasets. syngo Fusion Package displays relevant diagnostic data at a glance, thereby significantly supporting interventional workflows and overlays acquired data with live fluoroscopy images with syngo 3D Roadmap.

syngo 3D Roadmap
Effective guidance during interventional procedures

CLEARstent Live
Real-time stent enhancement software

Artis Family of Imaging Systems

The Artis family includes four product lines of interventional imaging systems: Artis one, Artis zee, Artis Q, and Artis Q.zen.

While the floor stand of the Artis one offers ceiling-like movement on a small foot print, the other product lines include a floor-, ceiling-mounted, or biplane system and even a highly flexible multi-axis system with robotic technology: Artis zeego. The versatile portfolio from Siemens Healthineers offers the right solution for virtually any need in pediatrics.

Artis zee, the state-of-the-art system

Artis Q, the cutting-edge system

Artis Q.zen, the visionary system with ultra-low dose