Achieving operational excellence through data-driven change management at

Center for Diagnostic Imaging, Switzerland

Value Contribution

100% paperless processes

Throughout the entire imaging department

Enablement of imaging center

To further self-develop additional BI tools

More than 2000 current referrers analyzed

To improve data quality and outline strategic implications



Establish data-driven processes

Creating a fully paperless imaging department with increased security and faster information flows

Adopt digitalization

Transitioning to a new IT landscape, building the basis for modern radiology services

Improve competitiveness

Discovering evidence-based potentials to facilitate referrals and increase patient satisfaction

  • Change-management program based on a value stream analysis and advanced data analytics:
  • Development of a process map to provide a solid foundation for further analyses and recommendations
  • Establishment of paperless processes through digital surveys, booking tools, and staff information systems
  • Enhancement of patient experience and patient flow through planned technical and layout changes
  • Implementation of extended BI solutions for performance analysis, monitoring, and controlling
  • Referrer and competitor analyses to discover new referral opportunities and avoid overly strong dependencies

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