VERSANT HIV-1 RNA 1.5 Assay (kPCR)
Highly Sensitive HIV Viral Load Assay for use on the VERSANT® kPCR Molecular System

VERSANT HIV-1 RNA 1.5 Assay (kPCR)
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Performance to meet your needs

  • Efficient and reproducible extraction, amplification, and detection of HIV-1 RNA
  • Up to 89 patient samples per run
  • Results in less than 6 hours

Outstanding Assay Performance

  • Excellent performance with quality extraction
  • Low limit of detection (LOD) with high accuracy
  • Good precision across a wide dynamic range
  • Compatible with a variety of subtypes and circulating recombinant forms

Automated and Flexible Technology

  • Primary-tube sampling supports a variety of tube types and sizes
  • Positive patient sample identification with bar-code ID for sample and results tracking
  • Up to 178 patient results per shift
  • 500 uL sample input volume

Robust Assay Design

  • Enhanced sensitivity and specificity with BLACK HOLE QUENCHER**
  • Detects HIV-1 group M clades A–H, CRF, and group O
  • Targets highly conserved pol integrase gene with unique TAQMAN*** probes
  • Lower annealing temperature tolerates greater mismatch which leads to better subtype quantitation
  • Dual-primer and triple probe design to increase mismatch tolerance
  • Non-competitive internal control to monitor extraction and PCR efficiency
  • Amplicon contamination control with UNG


HIV Assay Workflow

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The VERSANT® HIV-1 RNA 1.5 Assay (kPCR) is IVDD, CE marked.

*Not for sale in the US. Not yet available for sale in all countries.

** BLACK HOLE QUENCHER is a trademark of Biosearch Technology.

*** TaqMan is a trademark of Roche Molecular Diagnostics, Inc.

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