Man's face with an overlay of crossing lines symbolizing care streams.

Transforming care deliveryIncreasing value in care - better health outcomes at lower costs

Today’s healthcare delivery is fragmented, and payment models often incentivize volume rather than outcomes.
To increase value, care needs to be organized around a patient’s medical condition. Transforming care delivery begins by including the right patients and making sure they have convenient access to care. Once in the care system, it’s about doing the right thing and doing things right. Highly-productive care teams perform along an optimized, integrated pathway.
New provision models ensure value at the heart of care delivery – designed to reduce costs with no sacrifices in outcomes.

4 pillars of ‘Expanding precision medicine’Improve access to careIncrease workforce productivityOptimize clinical operationsManage population health
  1. Making care more affordable, available and accepted.

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digital bird's view of a hospital connected to other locations
The COVID-19 pandemic has increasingly shifted the point of access to care to Digital Front Doors.
Read issue 19 of our Insights Series to learn about how Digital Front Doors open up a wide range of opportunities for healthcare providers to engage with patients at every major touchpoint of their healthcare journey – from the first virtual interaction to remote monitoring. Our paper also provides key steps for unlocking the Digital Front Door.

Another aspect of digitalization in care delivery during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic is an increase of remote work concepts as this paper outlines: 
Insights Series issue 10:  'Five steps towards more remote care delivery in healthcare'