Economic Impact of R-PCI

Economic Impact of R-PCI

Why you should invest in CorPath GRX

One question which is associated with robotic-assisted PCI (R-PCI) is whether the benefits can be quantified. This is a question that anyone considering an investment in major new technology should be asking, and this paper explores that question in some detail. More specifically, the paper will look at the top-line impact of robotics on growth and revenue gains, as well as the bottom-line impact from mitigating expensive risks and other cost savings. To that end, this article explores the short- and long-term economic effects of adopting the CorPath GRX System.

For the purposes of this paper, the benefits of R-PCI – more specifically of the CorPath GRX System – were broken out into four different areas, all of which have significant potential for return on investment (ROI). These areas are:

  • Physician protection
  • Procedural automation
  • Precision stenting
  • Differentiating technology

As this paper will show, based on most current evidence, all four of these features contribute to the significant economic value of adopting R-PCI, making it an investment you cannot afford not to make.