Atellica 1500 Automated Urinalysis System
A urinalysis system so advanced, it lets you do less and see more.

Atellica 1500 Automated Urinalysis System
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Menu for the Atellica® 1500 Automated Urinalysis System*

CLINITEK Novus Analyzer® with CLINITEK Novus Cassettes

Atellica UAS 800 Analyzer*
CLINITEK Novus 10 Cassette    
CLINITEK Novus PRO 12 Cassette*
Auto-reported Categories
ClarityAlbumin-to-creatine ratioCrystals
ColorBilirubinHyaline cast
KetoneColorNonsquamous EC
Leukocyte esteraseCreatinePathalogical cast
Occult bloodKetoneSperm
pHLeukocyte esteraseSquamous EC
Specific gravityOccult bloodYeast
 Protein   Bacteria cocci
 Protein-to-creatine ratio   Bacteria rods
 Specific gravity Urobilinogen   WBC clumps


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*Not available for sale in U.S. Product availability varies by country.
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