Digital Excellence

Siemens Healthineers  Digital Excellence Program

The Digital Excellence module — an outgrowth of our broad and diverse digital offerings — is designed to raise an institution’s awareness of the status of its digital technology and offer recommendations for improvements. In addition to measuring how well digital technology is utilized, this module helps institutions to drive digital change.

Many studies show that it’s common for healthcare providers to not be fully aware of their current digital capabilities or of the technology available. As a result of these knowledge gaps, care delivery falls short and providers become vulnerable to competition. Through the Digital Excellence module, Siemens Healthineers Value Partners will fully analyze your institution’s level of digitalization, report how you compare to your competitors and national benchmarks, and, where appropriate, provide support for the introduction and acceptance of digital solutions that can effect positive change. In addition, Digital Excellence can provide customers with integrated solutions or from 3rd party providers for remote care, AI-assisted diagnosis and treatment, IT solutions for diagnostic labs and radiology teams, and more.

We also provide innovative technology like AI-Pathway Companion, a clinical decision support tool that integrates clinical data from multiple sources (radiology, lab, clinical history, etc.) to give providers at the point of decision an integrated view into the patient’s status. It is a powerful tool that can help increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and optimize treatment pathways.