Business Excellence

Siemens Healthineers Business Excellence Program

You want expert, data-driven advice and insight on how to invest in your institution’s future. The Business Excellence module can deliver it.

Through this offering, your institution can get the benefits of multiple, critical analyses that can evaluate your institution’s current circumstances, forecast your future challenges, and delineate the resources you will need to effectively and economically keep moving forward.

Key service areas include:

  • Support to create business plans
  • Negotiate with financing institutions / investors
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) planning

We analyze the market and competitive situation and also consider potential demographic changes to predict your future development and help you to plan an effective strategy.
This incorporates forecasting of future services with a high reimbursement rate.
With a thorough analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) we will enable you to make best decisions in terms of medical, economic and strategic planning. The generation of transparency to plan equipment and staff is also included.
We will support you with the calculation of operational and financial indicators, including utilization and profitability to develop clear recommendations under consideration of costs and benefits.