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Equipment & Clinical EducationExpert education designed to increase workforce productivity

Our portfolio of Equipment & Clinical Education offers a full range of high-quality training to educate your staff throughout the serviceable lifetime of your equipment from Siemens Healthineers. We cater to technicians, sonographers, lab assistants, surgical and cardiology assistants, and many more.

Features & Benefits

With Equipment & Clinical Education, you get a full range of high-quality training provided in different formats based on a blended learning approach that allows for individual tailoring of your education experience. It helps you to

  • enable full utilization of your equipment's clinical capabilities
  • close potential knowledge gaps
  • develop the skill and performance level of medical staff
  • avoid unwarranted variations and unnecessary rescanning
Technician educating fellow technicians on new equipment



Handover Training is the initial training on operating the new equipment. It helps you achieve safe and efficient operation of the new equipment, as well as its seamless integration into your organization’s processes.

Expert providing tailored equipment education


Tailored Hands-on is tailored equipment education in your own clinical environment and includes practical clinical examples.

  • Onsite Tailored Hands-on
  • Remote Trainer
Classroom setting with teacher and training participants


Classroom Training sessions provide a fixed curriculum in a classroom setting.

  • Onsite Classroom Training
  • Virtual Classroom Training
Clinical expert providing a workshop


Clinical Workshops are hands-on workshops held by clinical experts in your clinical environment involving various training methods with real clinical cases.

  • Onsite Clinical Workshop
  • Virtual Clinical Workshop
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Self-Study Education personalizes your learning experience to suit you – whenever and wherever you need it.

  • PEPconnect
  • Printed Self-Study
Woman exploring the PEPconnect portal on her tablet

Virtual education solution for ARTIS systems – Active learning experience in a virtual clinical environment for Interventional Radiology, Cardiology, Surgery