VERSANT Sample Preparation 1.2 Reagents Kit
A quality solution for extracting DNA from whole blood

VERSANT Sample Preparation 1.2 Reagents Kit
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Siemens’ proprietary extraction technology uses magnetic particles coated with a nano layer of silica for the efficient isolation of quality nucleic acids. Homogeneous bead size and shape improves reproducibility, recovery, and quality of DNA extractions to enhance assay performance.


  • Fast and easy setup reduces operator time.
  • Reagent kit optimized to provide enhanced quality and yield for DNA extraction from whole blood.
  • Customers have demonstrated extractions work well with commercially available CMV and EBV assays.

Sample Types Supported

  • Plasma
  • Serum
  • Urine
  • Urogenital swabs
  • Cerebral spinal fluid*
  • Semen*
  • Nasal-pharyngeal swab*
  • Buccal swab*
  • Stool*
  • Breast milk*
  • Saliva/sputum*
  • Cell culture*
  • PBMC (buffy coat)*
  • Ascites*
  • Amniotic fluid*
  • Eye swab*
  • BAL (Bronchial Alveoli Lavage)*
  • ThinPep and SurePath collection media*


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* Under development