VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay (LiPA)
Designed to identify and correctly detect multiple genotypes and subtypes

VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay (LiPA)
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The VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay is a Line Probe Assay (LiPA) that utilizes the trusted reverse-hybridization technology to detect genotypes 1-6 and subtypes 1a vs. 1b, and subtypes 6 (c-I) all while decreasing the number of undetermined subtype results. With this assay, your lab can identify more than 15 different subtypes while taking note of rare patterns that are contained in the updated interpretation chart. The VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay is the most widely used HCV genotyping assay.

Catalog No.Description
LiPA Systems 

Auto-LiPA 48 Instrument (48 tests/run)*

10315618AutoBlot 3000H (20 tests/run)*

LiPA Scan Software CD

LiPA Reagents

QiaAMP (Qiagen) DSP Virus Kit (50 tests), CE


VERSANT HCV LiPA 2.0 Amplification Kit  (40 tests) *


VERSANT HCV LiPA 2.0 Genotype Kit (40 tests) *


VERSANT HCV LiPA 2.0 Genotype & Amplification Kit (40 tests) *

10325051VERSANT HCV LiPA 2.0 Control Kit (6 tests) *

LiPA Consumables

10330923Auto-LiPA 30 Strips Tray (25 per set)

Auto-LiPA 48 Strips Tray (25 per set)

10315381AutoBlot 3000 Strips Tray (25 per set)

VERSANT LiPA Scan Reading Template (25 templates)


*IVDD, CE marked. For Research Use Only in the United States. Product availability varies from country to country and is subject to local regulatory requirements.

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This product is intended to be used to guide the selection of treatment type and duration for individuals being considered for antiviral treatment who are chronically infected with HCV. Thus, the assay is intended to be used with samples known to be positive for HCV RNA. The VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay (LiPA) is not intended to be used as a screening test for HCV or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HCV.