VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay (LiPA)
Designed to identify and correctly detect multiple genotypes and subtypes

VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay (LiPA)
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Perform HCV Genotyping and Subtyping with Greater Accuracy

The VERSANT HCV Genotype 2.0 Assay (LiPA)* uses the trusted reverse-hybridization technology to provide accurate identification of HCV genotype and subtype specific data for optimal patient therapy.

Extensive Subtype Information

  • Positive identification of more than 15 different subtypes including 6 (c-l)
  • Increased genotyping and subtyping accuracy due to dual target analysis of 5’ non-coding and core viral genomic regions
  • Highly accurate differentiation of subtypes 1a vs.1b showing more than 96% concordance with NS5B sequencing
  • Easy and accurate interpretation with updated chart that includes rare patterns

Proven Reliability

  • Most widely used HCV genotyping assay
  • Trusted reverse-hybridization technology (LiPA)
  • Validated with NS5B sequencing

Total Genotyping Solution

  • Full integration from extraction to automated interpretation
  • Minimal hands-on time as most manual steps are automated with the Auto-LiPA 48 or AutoBlot 3000H systems

Produits ou Services associés

* IVDD, CE marked. For Research Use Only in the United States. Product availability varies from country to country and is subject to local regulatory requirements.

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