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Greater speed

syngo® Imaging and its fast Siemens proprietary transfer protocol help to save significant time in accessing images from almost any1 reading or viewing workplace. Besides common IHE Hierarchical Query, syngo Imaging also provides Relational Query, a leading solution in rapidity – even for complex searches.

Data security also when working outside the hospital network

Images and data can be safely transferred inside or outside the VPN (Virtual Private Network) – via the Internet or the Intranet. Image reading and viewing can thus be made from anywhere1, at any time – boosting the workflow and simplifying the staff management. syngo Imaging WebAccess also takes care of the complex administration of firewalls for workplaces outside the hospitals.

Efficient administration

syngo Imaging User Management allows to automatically align with the existing user management(s) of the hospital(s). Time and administration efforts can be saved since user accounts and security rules are managed only once. The syngo Imaging System Monitoring not only continuously monitors the system, but also automatically reacts if needed. syngo Imaging acts and informs both you and us for the best and fastest reaction.

Easy installation and integration

The Zero-Admin functionality is key to easy and fast installation – no administrator rights are required. syngo Imaging is a step ahead in complying with Medical Standards (DICOM, HL7), with HIPAA, IHE, RöV. The benefits? Clean interfaces, simple and cost effective integration in a heterogeneous environment.

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1Prerequisites include: Internet connection to clinical network, DICOM compliance, meeting of minimum hardware requirements, and adherence to local data security regulations.