Success Stories

Strategy and Management

Germany: Tertiary Care Hospital
Reference for process optimization and technology partnership

Particle Therapy center

Feasibility study and financing model for establishing a particle therapy center

Medical specialist Center

Business plan and implementation concept for the construction of a specialist center

Swiss Hospital Association

Determining required capacities under new market requirements after DRG introduction Medical specialist center

Process Optimization

Netherlands: Neurology Department
Patient-oriented acute-stroke therapy

Germany: Radiology Department

Workflow analysis and optimization of MR use with benchmarking

Germany/Scandinavia: Process and Cost Comparison

for a new type of pharmaceutical product

Germany: Cardiology Department

Process and cost analysis for the optimization of workflows in heart cath lab under DRG conditions

Technology & Infrastructure

Saudi Arabia: Radiology Department
Space and layout planning using simulation

UK: Workflow optimization in a hospital

Optimization of infusion pump workflows using RFID

Qatar: Health Center

IT strategy for a newly constructed, fully digital health center

Germany: Cardiology Department

Strategy and Management


Customer reference for process optimization and technology partnership

  • Process analysis and optimization
  • Technology partnership for the complete radiology department


  • Development of strategic options for the future organization of the radiology department
  • Faster indications in emergency examinations
  • Significantly reduced waiting times by extending the Magnetic Resonance Tomography service hours
  • Reduced number of examinations by approx. 15 percent, resulting from the introduction of an internal settlement of services
  • Ability to further reduce MRT waiting times by extending service hours
  • Increased CT capacities by preparing the patient on the ward (e.g., placing the I.V. line)
  • Increased equipment load capacity through a central coordination point (e.g., a call center)
  • Reduced reading time in scan diagnostics

Process Optimization


Patient-oriented acute stroke therapy

  • Strategy shift towards process and service-oriented alignment
  • Service-oriented concept for quality improvement and cost reduction for stroke therapy


  • Detailed analysis of the market situation
  • Identification of current unique selling propositions
  • Definition of an optimized portfolio
  • Recommendations for forms of cooperation
  • Identification of the barriers and development of solution scenarios
  • Definition of patient-oriented acute stroke processes
  • Benchmarking of KPIs
  • Expected reduction of “door-to-treatment” time by 34 per cent

Technology and Infrastructure


Customer reference for Technology and Infrastructure
Space and layout planning of a radiology department using simulation

  • Development of a concept for medical equipment and various process-optimized layout scenarios
  • Evaluation of the scenarios with regard to patient flow, loads, capacities, and barriers using simulation 



  • Identification of capacity limits at a given distribution of space and equipment
  • Identification of the optimal space assignment
  • Identification of bottlenecks in the patient process with regard to infrastructure, workflows, and organization
  • Identification of the interrelations between resource allocation and patient throughput
  • Development of the final layout concept, based on quantitative simulation data