IT, Technology, Infrastructure

IT, Technology, Infrastructure

We support you in yielding an optimal ratio between cost and benefit for IT, technology, and infrastructure and in strengthening your competitiveness.


Optimized processes and higher return on investment
Decisions about investments are often taken without sufficiently analyzing the effects upon the clinical workflow and current costs. We support you in developing concepts designed to meet your needs, to help make sure that investments really result in greater economy of the overall organization and that the competitive edge aimed at is indeed achieved.

Our portfolio

Process-oriented room and space planning

  • Development of structural design, based on optimized processes and operational cost

Simulation of workflow organization

  • Quantitative validation of scenarios using simulation
  • Identification and visualization of capacity bottlenecks

Innovative IT and technology concepts

  • Development of IT strategies
  • Assessment of the business impact of RFID solutions


Our clinical main focus


  • Identification of capacity bottlenecks using simulation
  • Workflow-based RIS/PACS concepts


  • Process-oriented and operational cost-optimized design for restructuring facilities: cardiac cath lab, intensive care unit (ICU)/intermediate care (IMC) and functional ward
  • Design for rebuilding facilities in order to create outpatient cardiac cath labs


  • Investment planning for radiotherapy


  • Simulation of an acute-stroke process