ResultsAct on Outcomes – From one level to optimization

Our consulting approach Act on Outcomes offers you an optimum basis for decision-making showing how to improve your clinical processes. It makes the potential for improvement transparent and supports the implementation of targeted measures.

The assessment phases and implementation of improvement

Siemens Healthcare Consulting - Results
Source: Siemens Healthcare Consulting

Analysis and assessment
The complex workflows in clinical care are thoroughly analyzed. We determine your level of process maturity with a detailed results report. You will know where your processes are positioned compared with the benchmark. The degree of fulfillment and specific analysis results are presented for each process area and every requirement.

Development and optimization of measures
Individual suggestions for optimization support the improvement of patient care. We evaluate the implementation and simulate the effects on process quality. This enables you to estimate the complexity of implementing single measures, and how these affect your level of maturity and process quality. You will obtain improved workflows and a comprehensive KPI system. It will become transparent how you should prioritize the implementation of the selected measures and how to control your processes.

Validation: Measuring target archievement
We will help you to gain a clear, demonstrable competitive edge. You will be able to compare your maturity level based on the best providers and the latest standards. Continuous process monitoring and improvement makes transparent what you have achieved so far and what you can do to further improve your processes.