Act on OncologyAssess.  Change.  Treat. For excellent processes in oncology care.

Act on Oncology offers new opportunities for the assessment and improvement of center-specific structures and clinical processes. The various diagnostic procedures, as well as the growing number of interdisciplinary possibilities of treatment, places high demands on the best possible oncological patient care.

Act on Oncology

How do you answer increasing questions from informed patients? How do you cope with steadily rising documentation time? How can you ensure that further demands – required by certification organizations – are efficiently set into your processes? How will you integrate all relevant facts and information into decisions about your patients’ plan?

The new approach

Act on Oncology analyzes the processes within your cancer center based on a model specifically developed for cancer center workflows. Using an objective and reproducible analysis, the model is based on clinical pathways, internal and external communication processes, integration of research, and strategic considerations.

Act on Oncology is a specialized model to sustainably improve the processes in your cancer center in a target-oriented way.

Best practice sites

Our Clinical Competence Centers as well as Siemens Healthcare Consulting collaborate with internationally recognized experts, enabling us to integrate the latest trends and developments from medicine and science into our concept. These experts represent renowned medical centers for example in:

  • Boston, MA, USA
  • Memphis, TN, USA
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Magdeburg, Germany
  • Erlangen, Germany
  • Essen, Germany
  • Milan, Italy