Scopio X100 and X100HT

Scopio X100 and X100HT Full-field digital cell morphology 

Scopio is transforming the way you work with the world's first full-field digital cell morphology platforms. By scanning peripheral blood smear (PBS) samples—from the monolayer to the feathered edge—in 100X resolution, you can digitally pan or zoom to seamlessly go from the full context of a slide, down to an individual cell. 

When every minute counts, Scopio's Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear Application reduces turnaround time by enabling sharing of digitized slides throughout your secure hospital network. And, with AI-powered decision support, both standardization and efficiency are increased, significantly reducing the complexity associated with traditional morphological analysis. 

Features & Benefits

See how the Scopio X100 and X100HT with Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear Application streamline the PBS slide review process to help you overcome staffing challenges and accelerate care delivery while improving the patient experience. 

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Two full-field imaging platforms. One application. Total remote access.

Scopio's scalable offering has been specifically designed to address the needs of decentralized healthcare systems.  Labs of all sizes can leverage the power of full-field imaging alongside easy-to-use remote viewing capabilities that enable cross-site PBS consultations and collaborations—in real-time—and without having to physically transport slides. 

Scopio X100 digital morphology platform

X100 digital morphology platform

An efficient solution for low- to mid-volume laboratories that review up to 50 samples per day.

Scorpio monitor screenshot

Peripheral blood smear application

Browser-based interface enables access to digitized slides anywhere within the secure hospital network. 

Scopio X100HT

X100HT digital morphology platform

Engineered to meet the high-volume demands of laboratories that review more than 50 samples per day. 

Scopio Proof Point: 60% improvement in workflow efficiency(1)

Scopio's Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear Application enabled PBS reviews in a median time of 7:46 minutes per case versus 20:00 minutes for the manual method (60% improvement in efficiency).

The presented data (Scopio-supported versus manual review) strictly pertains to the performance and reporting of PBS reviews by laboratory personnel (200 WBC differential, complete RBC morphology evaluation, and platelet estimation based on 10 fields of view). It does not include other time-related variables (e.g., slide preparation/transport, scanning, etc.) that can impact total completion time.

The outcomes obtained in the study described here were realized under unique settings. Since there is no typical laboratory, and many variables exist, there can be no guarantee that others will achieve the same results. 

1. Katz BZ et al. Evaluation of Scopio Labs X100 Full Field PBS: The first high-resolution full field viewing of peripheral blood specimens combined with artificial intelligence-based morphological analysis. Int J Lab Hematol. 2021 Dec;43(6):1408-1416.  This study was funded by Scopio Labs.

Technical Specifications

Expand to determine which full-field morphology solution is right for your lab. 


Scopio Demo at AACC

Use the link below to view a short (approximately 10 minute) demonstration of the Scopio Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear Application from the show floor at the 2023 AACC. 

Webinar title card, "Faster Than Glass: Implications & Outcomes of Fully Digital Pathology, Presented by Giovanni M. Lujan, MD, FCAP"

Learn about the challenges Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center faced during their transition to an all-digital pathology approach, the outcomes achieved, and what the future holds in terms of artificial intelligence-based applications.

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