syngo Lab Data Manager
Gain d’efficacité et de productivité grâce à une gestion fiable des données.

syngo Lab Data Manager
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Manage more patient data and test results, in less time.

syngo® Lab Data Manager is a browser-based data management system that uses state-of-the-art connectivity, automation, and quality control to drive efficiency across your laboratory environment—so you can handle increased workloads while enhancing patient care. 


A single, easy-to-manage interface connects lab instruments, your hospital’s LIS, the Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Data Center and Siemens StreamLAB® Automation Solutions. The result is intelligent sample routing, streamlined workflow processes, improved turnaround times, and ultimately, better laboratory outcomes.


syngo Lab Data Manager features include:


Streamlined sample management

  • View complete information for patients and samples from a single screen
  • Enables easy comparison of results across instruments
  • Shows trending history of results across patient samples
  • Supports advanced integration capabilities and intelligent sample routing via the StreamLAB Automation System


Effective rules-based autoverification

  • Reduces human error and tech-to-tech variability
  • Improves turnaround time and increases staff productivity
  • Allows you to define or import rules packages


Advanced QC management

  • Integrates Quality Control (QC) and Results Manager modules for autoverification
  • Provides QC alerts for easy monitoring
  • Supports Westgard rules implementation and custom rules check
  • Simplifies comparisons across multiple levels, lots, or instruments in one view
  • Provides QC bracketing, e.g. infectious disease
  • Uses patient median monitoring for detecting assay variance between QC points
  • Provides quick link to patient results between QC results


Patient information safeguards

  • Provides an audit trail viewer that allows tracking of users’ changes
  • Protects information with firewalls, password protection, and customizable accessibility


Secure LIS connectivity

  • Connects multiple instruments to the LIS with one interface



  • Enables administrators to manage user access to modules
  • Enables remote monitoring, desktop support, troubleshooting, and software updates


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