CentraLink Data Management System
Deliver quality lab results faster for better patient care

CentraLink Data Management System
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The Power of Middleware for Today’s Labs

CentraLinkTM Data Management System provides a single, high-performance platform for managing, monitoring, and processing lab operations from multiple instruments and locations—even across multiple hospitals and laboratories. This powerful solution automates time-consuming, error-prone manual processes and establishes intelligent workflow procedures that focus on improving patient care. Integrated Quality-of-Service and data management tools enhance test result accuracy, enabling healthcare organizations to increase productivity while reducing costs. 


Simplify Operations and Speed Workflow

  • Link up to two automation systems, 32 different instrument connections, and 15 workstations
  • Connect any combination of chemistry, immunoassay, hematology, urinalysis, hemostasis and molecular systems
  • Manage test results and quality-control (QC) data collected from multiple instruments at any connected workstation
  • Locate and track specimens in the lab


Automate Processes and Deliver Test Results Faster

  • Define your lab’s results verification process and systematically apply it across all workstations
  • Automatically verify up to 95% of test results collected from analyzers
  • Prioritize results management for critical patients using customizable, color-coded alerts
  • Enable and disable instruments and specific tests without operator intervention


Improve Quality and Reduce Errors 

  • Apply consistent processes to verify normal ranges, QC, delta checks, and instrument flags to help ensure that the right results are released and the wrong ones are stopped
  • Apply visual color cues and customized workspaces so that operators can focus on critical results





 What’s New in CentraLink Version 14


Automation Synchronization

  • Exception handling and dynamic sample process management via continuous communication between CentraLink 14 and Lab Automation Software (LAS) 4.10
  • Automatic communication of instrument test availability status
  • Tests can be enabled and disabled without operator intervention


Enhanced Workflow: Samples

  • Automatic updates of sample count and number of samples left to review
  • Custom sample counters track critical areas; one-click access from the sample counter to the sample list speeds information management
  • Pre-defined rules prioritize testing based on sample type, with full control over routing for re-runs


Enhanced Workflow: Quality Control

  • Automatic creation of QC lots saves time; easy automatic replication of QC population speeds setup
  • Automatic alert notification of pending QC lot expiration minimizes service disruptions
  • Tests that fail QC can trigger an automated workflow response which will turn off that test in CentraLink and also lab automation. Subsequent requests for that test will be routed to another instrument.


Visual Cues and Customization

  • Color-coded indicators highlight critical tests for faster handling and response to exceptional results
  • Multiple criteria can be configured using the color scheme manager; sample testing can be configured based on status and severity
  • Configurable alerts proactively can notify operators of connectivity issues
  • Instruments and tests can be assigned to specific user groups
  • Workstation views can be customized according to user preferences
  • Data access privileges can be customized for specific users; users are automatically locked out after multiple login attempts


Expanded Connectivity

  • Supports connectivity to multiple LIS systems
  • Supports communication with Bio-Rad Unity System 

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