Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery
Operating with confident guidance

Minimally invasive procedures are also becoming more and more commonplace in orthopedic and trauma surgery. This is partly due to cost pressures and time constraints, but primarily in the effort to minimize tissue damage and improve patient recovery time.

Advanced imaging tools such as C-arms offer surgeons ideal support. The use of navigation in spine surgery can increase the precision of procedures while also saving time and dose. 3D imaging provides excellent support for delicate placement tasks, reduces the rate of second interventions, and has revolutionized the entire workflow.

In the following, find an overview of clinical images, scientific articles and imaging modalities.

Robot-assisted imaging for spinal fusion

Workflow video - trailer

Navigated dorsal stabilization of the spine

Interview with Prof. Dr. Florian Gebhard

Workflow video - detailed version

Workflow video

Advantages of robot-assisted imaging in orthopedic and trauma surgery

Live Webcast on Computer Assisted SI Screw Placement

Clinical Images Mobile C-arms
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